august's winner : Christine holt
$46,040 | ticket #b-4266558

Christine Holt’s legs “felt like gumby” when she got the call that she had won the August ARCH 50/50 jackpot of $46,040. “I saw the call come through, I was jumping up and down, my husband didn’t understand what was going on,” shared Christine. This is the Hospice’s second monthly draw, and had the biggest jackpot to date.


Christine bought tickets because of her connection with Hospice, “My friend’s Dad was at ARCH. Every day I took her to see him. The staff and volunteers were just fantastic people: caring and compassionate. Hospice is about giving time and dignity. Being able to share moments, even laughs.”


Deeply rooted in the North, Christine owned Country Crossings Gift Shop in Goulais River for 20 years. She volunteered on community committees, at Community Living Algoma, and worked for the OPP as well as cleaning houses. As Christine put it, she “likes being busy.” Recently, she and her husband, Kim, made the tough decision to leave

the North and move to southern Ontario when her mother passed. “Everything happened in a year, my mother’s diagnosis and her going to a hospice. Then she passed away, and I was trying to support my dad flying from the Sault. I decided I needed to be with my Dad. Unfortunately, I only had 5 months with him, but at least I was able to be with him during that time.”


Making the best of her new life, Christine plans to do something on many people’s bucket list: buy a house. “Real estate is more expensive here. Right now I’m staying in my sister’s camp. I’m hoping these winnings will help us buy our own place. Nothing crazy, we like a simple life.” Christine also wants to share the happiness and surprise her kids and some close family members a little something.