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This holiday season, consider celebrating someone special in your life by making a donation to ARCH in lieu of a holiday gift! We have a beautiful holiday card that we can send on your behalf to let them know of your generous donation in their honour. 


Your donation stays local, providing comfort to more than 150 residents, like John and Amanda, along with their families every year. 

As an avid footballer and coach, many of his friends, former students and family members came to enjoy a Super Bowl party at ARCH. Dad experienced his first pedicure and enjoyed his many visits with friends and family, his late evening snacks in the kitchen, his breakfasts generously prepared each morning and tea in the family room by the fire. We enjoyed watching hockey games, movies and playing cards together most days. These were all things that we didn’t expect to ever enjoy with him again. You see, the amazing staff cared for my father so we could just love him and enjoy him. And enjoy him we did. We enjoyed his final weeks, and he did as well. So you see, ARCH brought us together again. This is not a place where my father died. This is a place where he lived his final moments. So yes, hospice care for us means peace, joy, laughter, love and of course sadness.

Joanne appreciated the little things...

When my dad John “The Coach” Kovich, was admitted to ARCH, none of us had experienced hospice before. That night when he first left, many tears of fear and loss were shed among us all. It was an amazing transformation when we realized my father began showing signs of himself again just after a few days. We were able to smile with my father, share stories, laugh, and enjoy all of the moments that we thought would be lost forever upon entering those front doors.

Daniel believes it’s important to share his Family’s experience...

“I don’t know if I would have gone back through those doors if it was for myself, but for the kids, I could. It felt different than expected. I felt comfortable, welcomed, and supported; the negatives had disappeared.

It was a positive moment. ARCH has created a family atmosphere that

the kids really open up to and look forward to revisiting. There are lots

of emotions, I wasn’t able to articulate myself, and the kids can talk about what they’re experiencing during their visits. It was very empowering for

them to express and normalize their feelings. They even talk with their friends about their therapy sessions. I call them my ‘mini-mental health advocates.’ Knowing the kids are being supported is helping my healing as a parent.


What we’ve learned as a family is end-of-life is a part of life. ARCH takes some of the weight off your shoulders, letting you focus on your loved ones. Without the support of our community, there is no ARCH, so we decided to support it as a family, as a part of our whole journey.”

Where compassion meets community

A commitment made to ARCH today helps to provide comfort to local families tomorrow. Your support will assist us in providing quality, compassionate care through end-of-life. 

Have you considered supporting the future of ARCH Hospice by:

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Santa, speaks six languages, visits Hospice as a volunteer over the holidays:

"It warms my heart when I can bring back memories of family, friends, shared stories, holiday meals, laughter, and smiles. I love creating memories and lightening hearts for the families at Hospice."