Art Therapy

Our Art Therapy group meets for one and a half hours a week to self-reflect, create and share together. The group is suitable for participants who have completed the 6 week grief group and need support as they transition to the next phase of their grieving journey. This group is also suitable for those who do not like a traditional group therapy setting or are looking for social support in a creative and stimulating environment.


Each session has an over-arching theme that will be woven into the art initiative and closing discussion. Prior to the beginning of the session, Our Supportive Care Coordinator will introduce art activity and explain necessary details. To begin, the group will start with a 5-minute meditation or mindfulness session and read the Art Contemplation question. There will be no discussion at this time as we’ll invite stillness into our space to contemplate; this time is meant for self-reflection. Participants are invited to move into their art project when they are ready.

There is no cost to attend. No previous art experience necessary. Please contact Julie at ext. 261 if you are interested in attending.