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The Great Bucket List Cycle is back in a whole new way! The event has been recalibrated and is going virtual to ensure everyone stays safe while still being able to participate. We can’t offer the full experience of past years’ events, however, we wanted to still provide you with the opportunity to challenge yourself, have fun and help Hospice!


The virtual ride will kick off on Saturday, September 19, and run until Saturday, September 26 allowing participants to meet their kilometre goals throughout the week. The event will include a Gran Fondo distance of 100 km, along with both a 70km and 40km option.


This event is for all levels of cyclists and ages – join as a whole family! Our goal is each cyclist either donating or raising at least $1/km. All proceeds raised go towards providing compassionate care through end-of-life at ARCH and supporting local families. All types of cyclists are welcome to join in as there are many beautiful, local trails for Mountain and Fat Bike riders!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, we must follow at ARCH – we prefer registration fees and pledges are done online. 

What You Need to Know 

Date: September 19 to September 26


Location: Virtual


Route Options:

  • 100 KM (Advanced Route)

    • Each participant can pay $100 or collect min. $100 in pledges


  • 70 KM (Intermediate Route)

    • Each participant can pay $70 or collect min. $70 in pledges


  • 40 KM (Novice Route)

    • Each participant can pay $40 or collect min. $40 in pledges

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What You will get for participating

  • All registrants receive a Registration Kit, which includes Registrant Information Package, cycling snacks, water bottles, and giveaways.

  • If you pay or collect $100 in pledges, you will receive the following: a Registration Kit, a Great Bucket List Cycle t-shirt to commemorate your experience (upgrade to a dry fit shirt for $30) and a gift card at a local restaurant for food.

  • If you collect more than $200 in pledges, you will receive the following: a Registration Kit, a Great Bucket List Cycle dry-fit shirt to commemorate your experience, an ARCH buff, and a gift card at a local restaurant for food.

deadlines to participate in the cycle

  • You must be signed up through registration fees by clicking the "Join The Cycle Online" button or pledges by clicking the "Collect Pledges Online" button by Tuesday, September 1 in order to receive the Registration Kit and Great Bucket List Cycle gifts.

  • The team at ARCH will be delivering Registration Kits and gifts right to your door on September 17 and 18.

  • Late registrants can still participate and join in on the fun, we just cannot guarantee a Registration Kit.

  • The last day to register is Friday, September 25.

important reminders

  • ARCH will be using Strava to provide predetermined routes for riders as well as PDF maps, but riders can also choose to do their own route.

  • Riders are encouraged to track their results on Strava, or another tracking app that can be shared on both their personal and ARCH Hospice’s Facebook and Instagram – we’d love to share your story!

  • ARCH encourages cyclists to participate on Saturday, September 19 on the traditional and scenic St Joseph Island route while ensuring the following are met:

    • ONLY cycle with people in your household or social circle

    • For safety, please do NOT make plans to meet up with others that aren’t in your circle

    • If passing someone on the route, do it quickly but courteously! Passing someone on the route is not considered a close contact or a significant risk for exposure to COVID-19.

    • If you must be behind another cyclist, stay well back and try to stagger yourself.

    • If stopping on a trail or path be sure to pull over to the side so others have room to pass safely while maintaining a physical distance.

    • Consider changing your route or the time of day that you go out so that you can follow these guidelines.

    • It is important to remember that trails may be busier than usual, and as a rider, you must remember to yield to pedestrians/walkers

After the 100km I felt so grateful. It was so beautiful to see so many people coming together to challenge themselves in support of ARCH Hospice. I was also very proud to see all my training and perseverance paying off. My only advice is to challenge yourself and do what’s on your bucket list – today.

- Julie Premo (the visionary behind

The Great Bucket List Cycle)