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What your gift means 

Donating to ARCH Hospice give the gift of comfort. Your donation stays local, providing care to more than
150 residents, and their families each year. Your donation directly supports:


Gifts of registered funds and tax-free savings accounts
Gifts of securities and stock
Gifts of life insurance 
Gifts of charitable gift annuities
Leaving a bequest in your will
Donations of estate

Support your community by:

Sometimes a little comfort food can go a long way. Chef Tom’s meals to ARCH families are often accompanied by memories, laughs, and jokes. The team goes the extra mile to fulfil wishes and provide comfort to residents and their loved ones with culinary creations, fresh baking, home-cooked meals, and fulfilling special requests.


Edna's wonderful story...

What did ARCH mean to our mom and family? In four words it meant Support, Comfort, Peace, and Love. 

With her being at ARCH and having all the care and support of the wonderful ARCH angels, made the “end of life” experience less stressful for us all. Within the first few days, we saw the stress melt away. We were able to enjoy our time with her and experience the great care and see the look on mom’s face when a nurse or volunteer came in to ask how she was doing or if she needed anything. We were always asked if we wanted something to eat or drink, and we were treated like family. Mom slept more comfortably and her beautiful, mischievous smile was back. One out of four of us siblings was living in Amherstburg during her stay, and it was so comforting to hear about the wonderful care she was receiving and the great food Chef Tom was preparing for her. We believe the quality of care she received was the reason we were blessed with months of extra time instead of weeks. In that time the ARCH Angels became our extended family. We are so grateful and blessed for the wonderful facility and service provided in our community. Thank you to all the Staff and Volunteers at ARCH. 


Love and Blessings,   The family of Edna Sartor 

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Grief services, early resource services, and family support services


Residential, paediatric and bariatric palliative care

Building maintenance and equipment

Resident food and care supplies

Big hearts make wishes come true

Skip arrived at ARCH on August 4th, the day after his 79th birthday. During Skip’s intake, our intake coordinator asked what his favourite meal was with his quick response being fish, and what his favourite dessert was with an even quicker response… all things lemon!! This prompted his wife Mary Anne to ask if we could have a birthday party to celebrate his belated birthday. The team quickly jumped on this request, Mary Anne sent out a few texts, and only a day after his arrival at ARCH we had an outdoor birthday for Skip in the comfort of his own bed.  With very short notice, 35 of his family and close friends came to celebrate with him and his birthday was more than his family ever thought was possible. He even got his lemon cake made by one of our own nurses. 

“I am so very thankful for the loving care and compassion that we both received during Skips stay at ARCH. I could not have asked for a better day for his birthday with the help of ARCH’s angels.” – Mary Anne (Skips Wife)


Christmas in September

Wishes do come true! One of our resident’s favourite holidays was Christmas. When the nurses started to notice changes in his condition, his mother requested to give him one final Christmas before he passed away. A team of staff and volunteers dressed up in Christmas gear, and completely decorated his room with all things Christmas- lights were glimmering, tinsel was flying, and our team of elves put up a tree beside his bed. He got the Christmas spirit that he needed and he passed away later that evening. 


When Compassion Meets Community 

Celebrate someone special this holiday season by making a donation to ARCH Hospice in lieu of a holiday gift! 
We have a beautiful holiday card that we can send to let them know of your donation in their honour. 

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