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Happy Holidays! We can’t do this without you! These moments, 
and countless others are all made possible because of your support.

Help us during the Holiday Season!

What your gift means 

With the help of donors, we are able to give the gift of comfort. Your donation stays local, providing care to more than 150 residents and their families every year. Your donation directly supports grief services and family support services, residential, pediatric, and bariatric palliative care, resident food and care supplies, and building maintenance and equipment. We’re so grateful that we received the support we needed to continue to provide care and comfort to our community.  Every once of support helps. Every dollar makes a difference.

Sarah's wonderful story...

My sister-in-law, Sarah, was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in her early forties. We knew that this time the cancer was terminal, but we hoped that chemo would give us as many years as possible. Sadly, in May, we found out that the treatments no longer worked, and Sarah was moving to palliative care. We immediately looked at getting Sarah into hospice and were very lucky to get her into ARCH quickly. 
Our experience at ARCH was incredible. Prior to getting into ARCH, Sarah was managing her medication, food, cleaning, and it was exhausting. Being at ARCH meant she could let all that go and instead focus on resting and enjoying her time left. One Sunday afternoon, we sat in the [Garden] room while Sarah crotched, I knitted, and my husband Andrew played video games. We sat in the sunshine, with warmed blankets, coffee, treats, and just enjoyed being together. It may seem like a small thing but having the time and space to just be with each other without the worries of preparing meals or organizing medication was a gift. 
ARCH also helped Sarah fulfill her wishes. There were big things like planning high tea for Sarah and the church ladies. But for me I’ll remember the small things. Nearer the end of Sarah’s life, she would get out of breath easily. So we worked with the care staff to ensure Sarah had a wheelchair, oxygen and enough pain meds when we went out to do the things Sarah wanted to do. That way, we got to go for dinner or ice cream with confidence. It was those big moments and the small moments that stay with me. It was the level of care that ensured Sarah was physically, emotionally and mentally comfortable. It was care that included Sarah, myself and Andrew. Truly holistic care. 
I can never thank the staff at ARCH enough for giving us those last few weeks with Sarah – not with Sarah barely surviving, but with Sarah living with a smile on her face and a laugh always close by. 

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Mommy can fix anything with Needle & Thread

In March of 2022, a beautiful package was found in our mailbox addressed to Jenna, our Child and Youth Worker on staff. The package had a beautiful letter from Jan and a copy of her book titled “Needle and Thread”. The book is a grief book that is meant to help children understand the grief and loss of a loved one.  Jan’s daughter shared “My mom started writing Needle & Thread shortly after learning her diagnosis was terminal. She has always been an avid reader and one to appreciate the value of a good book and the importance of reading to children. Her goal was to write a book that children could find comfort in after loss and to demonstrate how everyday moments can become cherished memories.” Jan attended ARCH as a resident almost a year after we received her book, and when she passed she left us a few copies to share with children who came to visit their loved ones. Jan’s legacy will continue to leave a mark on children for years to come. 

It was so much more than just cookies...

Every Friday our amazing volunteer Kim bakes delicious sweets. Typically, she bakes gooey butter tarts and soft and chewy molasses cookies, and sometimes she does a million-dollar square. In the summer, we had a resident who would stroll down to the kitchen, make himself a coffee, and always eyed up what was being baked. When he discovered her soft and chewy molasses cookies, he fell in love. So much so, that he asked for the recipe from her.  Kim not only wrote out the recipe for him but she took a large container, filled it to the brim with the cookies, and personally delivered it to him in his room. The smile on his face said it all. It was so much more than just a molasses cookie. 


When Compassion Meets Community 

Celebrate someone special this holiday season by making a donation to ARCH Hospice in lieu of a holiday gift! 
We have a beautiful holiday card that we can send to let them know of your donation in their honour. 

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