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Happy Holidays! We can’t do this without you! It’s donors like you who support the food, care & comfort of our residents & their families.

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What your gift means 

This past year we’ve seen how strong and compassionate our community is. When we were struggling as COVID first hit, our community came together to ensure we could keep caring for our residents. With the help of donors, we were able to maintain quality care for our residents and they were always able to have a loved one visit. Our grief services became more important than ever, including our support for children and therapeutic use of play. We’re so grateful that we received the support we needed to continue to provide care and comfort throughout the pandemic. Donations cover the cost of food, care supplies, heating and water bills, support and grief services, as well as our many other unfunded direct care needs. Every ounce of support helps. Every dollar makes a difference.

  • Gifts of securities and stock

  • Gifts of life insurance 

  • Gifts of charitable gift annuities

  • Leaving a bequest in your will

  • Donations of estate

  • Gifts of registered funds and tax free savings accounts

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Sam's wonderful story... 

Sam was a gentle soul who was always smiling and sharing his light. Sam’s special gift was his extraordinary memory. He could remember everyone’s birthdays, song lyrics, movie and music facts, and liked to share his immense knowledge with anyone nearby. Sam was adored by his family, friends and downtown business owners with whom he shared many memories. At ARCH, you could always see Sam with his siblings at either side joking back and forth while holding his hand. Sam kept a special place in his heart for Wonder Woman. The supportive care team at ARCH went above and beyond making a few calls to Warner Brothers to set up a pre-screening for the new movie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, but instead ARCH was able to plan a Wonder Woman themed panzerotti party for Sam with his nearest and dearest. The moments shared with Sam at Hospice will never be forgotten.

Sometimes a little comfort food can go a long way. Chef Tom’s meals to ARCH families are often accompanied by memories, laughs, and jokes. The whole team goes the extra mile to fulfil wishes and provide comfort for residents and their loved ones with culinary creations, fresh baking, home-cooked meals, and fulfilling special requests.

ARCH needs to raise more than $850,000 to serve almost 200 people each year.

Big hearts make wishes come true


“I haven’t seen her smile like this in years” 
- Calvin, Velma’s Husband 

My husband, Calvin, was my main caregiver for a very long time and I couldn’t stand to see the stress it was causing him any longer. The day 

we came through the front doors, I saw the stress immediately leave his eyes. Since I’ve been at Hospice, I have seen happiness brought back to my loved ones. The staff are always going above and beyond to fulfill every wish, they even arranged bringing a little piece of Cape Breton to me. Chef Tom prepared the most wonderful lobster dinner which brought back many memories of my childhood in Nova Scotia. The burden is off of my family. The staff are always making me laugh. I finally feel human again."

                                                                                                   - Velma, Resident at ARCH

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