Host For Hospice

If you like hosting parties and enjoy getting together with friends, consider celebrating life while fundraising for ARCH. In our fast-paced, technology-driven society, setting aside time to get together face to face with friends and family is becoming even more important. By hosting an event for ARCH Hospice you will be celebrating life by spending quality time with your loved ones and raising funds to provide comfort for families in our community.


The following are some events that you can easily host in your own home to Help Hospice:

Host a movie night that leaves everyone inspired and go to the movies without the chaos of going to the theatre. All you need is a TV, a movie, some snacks, and good company. Simply invite your friends, ask for a minimum donation, put on the movie and enjoy! 

Party Time

How do you celebrate life better than by spending time with those you love!? As they say in the movie Wayne’s World, “Party Time, Excellent!”

Parties are joyous celebrations of life and throwing a party for ARCH will help local families make lasting memories with their loved ones on their end-of-life journeys. People are accustomed to bringing items to parties. Rather than ending up with loads of leftovers, just ask people to bring a donation instead! There are many different types of parties, the following are some suggestions:

Board Game Night

Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition!? Hosting a board game night is not only an opportunity to have fun and let loose over your favourite game, but it can also help raise funds for ARCH! Consider charging a game entry fee or asking people to bring a donation instead of food

Decade Themes

Whether you recreate a sock hop, bring back the disco, or do an 80s hair scare, decade themed parties are always a blast and are really easy to plan. Everything you need is already out there. 

Apps for ARCH

Sometimes there’s nothing better than having a few friends and family over for some laughs and good food. By hosting an appetizer party for ARCH, you are also getting together with good friends for a good cause. People are already used to bringing things to a party so simply ask them to bring a minimum donation instead. Wine and Cheese pairings are another tasty addition to add to your party either with or without appetizers. If you choose to incorporate alcohol, we ask that you please drink responsibly and be a responsible host to ensure that none of your guests are drinking and driving. Driverseat (705-998-2614) will drive your guest and their car home. 


Fondue Fundraiser

Put the fun in ‘fondue’ with a fondue fundraiser for ARCH. Too often in our society people eat in front of their TV or gadgets and have lost the joy of truly savouring food. Fondue ensures you focus on every tasty morsel and share the experience with your friends and loved ones as you dunk, dip, and scoop together.

All you need to throw your own Fondue Fundraiser is to chop up some tasty things to dip, heat up some cheese, invite your friends and ask them to pay a donation, then voila! You’re dipping and dunking with some of your favourite people and providing comfort and care to your community. 


If you don’t have a fondue set, don’t worry! Simply melt the cheese in a pot on the stove then pour it into a crockpot instead! Don’t have any fondue forks? All you need are shish kabob sticks which will also give the party a fun more rustic feel!



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