Ride for ARCH

Whether it’s winter, summer or any kind of weather, everyone loves taking their four-wheeled or two-wheeled ‘toys’ out for a ride. What better reason to go for a ride than a Ride for ARCH? 


This event can be organized on a small scale with a local club, family and friends, or on a larger scale to get the whole community involved.


Collecting pledges is encouraged with this type of event and a minimum entry fee for participants is the best method to ensure any costs of hosting the ride are covered, such as trail fees. ARCH will provide the printed and online pledge forms as well any other help you may need. 


There are many different variations of this event to suit multiple interests and seasons such as Snowmobiles, ATVs, dirt bikes, bicycles, or scenic drives.



  • Helpful tips to consider:

  • Route maps for all participants and final gathering location

  • Multiple routes for people who want to take different types of rides e.g. long, scenic, fast, etc.

  • Ensure all riders are properly licensed and don't drive impaired

    Arrange discounts for participants, rest stops, and restaurants along the route