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Children & Youth

When one thinks of childhood they may think about playing outside with friends, running around the playground at the local park or simply enjoying the carefree times – but things aren’t always like this. There are going to be challenging times in one’s childhood, and as parents or caregivers, you want to protect them from any pain they may have, but it’s not always the best outcome. Kids will feel sad, frustrated and stressed – and that’s a part of life! It’s important that they learn to navigate through these tough times.

How to talk to children and youth during difficult times?

The ABC's of Death Book

We've developed a book to aid in supporting children through grief. The purpose of this book is to help you become more comfortable in supporting children through the uncomfortable topic of death. We have filled this book with tools, tips, and information on ways you can best support children.

Click on the cover to read the book!

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