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Hospice Heroes

Each year ARCH Hospice is proud to recognize exceptional individuals who make an outstanding contribution to our community. Hospice Heroes embody ARCH values and are leaders who inspire positive change. We are very grateful to our Hospice Heroes for their exemplary efforts!

Hospice Hero Volunteer Award

Fernando Jour


“The most truly generous persons are those who give silently without hope of praise or reward.” This quote by Carol Ryrie Brink is a wonderful representation of Fernando. As a volunteer since 2015, Fernando embodies the values of ARCH. His compassion for residents and their families is evident in the time he spends sitting and talking with them.  Fernando takes a strong interest in getting to know the residents and their families. He serves residents by preparing dinners, doing laundry, and supporting the care team with anything they need. When Fernando is at ARCH, he is fully present and his character and kindness are felt by all. He certainly touches the hearts of everyone he cares for at Hospice with his comforting and humble demeanour. Fernando proves that volunteers do not want to be praised for helping others, rather they are the people who thank others for giving them the opportunity to share in their final journey. In the wisdom of Fernando, “The greatest gift you can give is the gift of presence.”

Hospice Hero Staff Award

Penny Primeau


“With hard work and dedication, anything is possible.” These words, spoken by Timothy Weah, embody Penny Primeau’s role at Hospice as a Personal Support Worker. Penny goes above and beyond the call of duty for our residents every shift, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment where residents and families feel supported. Penny has always been an outspoken advocate and her calm approach and years of experience permit her to provide quality, compassionate care through end-of-life to both our residents and their families. Our residents are well cared for and she is consistently praised for the bedside care that she gives so well. Those who know her say she is enthusiastic, empathetic, kind, and humble. Penny excels in numerous ways and for this reason, she is many things to many people. Her ability to connect with her coworkers, the residents, and their families and the profound impact she has had on those around her make Penny so deserving of this recognition. We are blessed to have her as part of our ARCH family and team as she truly enhances the lives of those we serve at Hospice. It is an honour and joy to serve alongside Penny.

Hospice Hero Community Partner Award

Circle K

Circle K

The difference between ordinary and heroic is action. Circle K inspires us with their everyday acts of silent generosity. They are a selfless and kind community partner who always jump at the opportunity to support Hospice. Circle K has partnered with ARCH to support all that we do both inside and outside of Hospice. As the home location for our Nevada Ticket Sales, the owners, staff, and corporate support continue to go above and beyond ensuring all fundraising needs are met. Over the last 4 years, Circle K staff members have volunteered at the ARCH Hospice Pancake Breakfast, ensuring all those in attendance have a great experience. When COVID hit, many fundraisers were put on hold or even cancelled, but this didn’t stop the amazing team at Circle K from supporting us. They donated $30,000 from their “Froster Program”, towards our COVID-19 Relief Fund ensuring ARCH could continue to care for and comfort local families. This past November, they came on board supporting a new event that saw over $60,000 being raised for ARCH. We are grateful to have supporters like Circle K, who are passionate about helping Hospice.

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