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Hospice Heroes

Each year ARCH Hospice is proud to recognize exceptional individuals who make an outstanding contribution to our community. Hospice Heroes embody ARCH values and are leaders who inspire positive change. We are very grateful to our Hospice Heroes for their exemplary efforts!

Hospice Hero Volunteer Award

Barry Nisbett

Barry Nisbett

The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but in the depth of commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. These words exemplify how Barry Nisbett has made an impact in our community, on those he loves, and on those he serves at Hospice. Barry joined the ARCH team back in 2010 and has left a mark on all of our hearts here at Hospice. Barry can often be found volunteering on the grounds from completing snow removal and sanding to lawn cutting and repair. It warms our hearts to see Barry each week creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. Outside of the Hospice, Barry is always willing to help out at multiple fundraising events as he understands the importance of community involvement. ARCH provides an important service to our community, and it is through these dedicated efforts Barry ensures that ARCH can continue to provide the best care. We are blessed to have him as part of our ARCH family. Barry truly enhances the lives of those we serve at Hospice. It is an honour and joy to serve alongside Barry.

Hospice Hero Staff Award

Jenna Polutanovich

Jenna Polutanovich

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." These words, spoken by Oscar Wilde, embody Jenna Polutanovich's role at Hospice as a Family Support Facilitator. Jenna goes above and beyond in her role, constantly looking for ways to optimize a resident's time at ARCH, whether that is running out to get them their favourite snack, preparing their room for an early surprise, or simply checking in on them to make sure they are comfortable. Jenna has a heart and passion for people and is driven to support those around her, often leaving people feeling cared for and heard. Jenna has a strong work ethic and puts everything into serving staff, colleagues, and members of our community. Jenna demonstrates strong leadership skills in her everyday work. From providing education and mentorship to students, education sessions to the community or creating the ABCs of Death Book that teaches how to be comfortable in supporting children through the uncomfortable topic of death, Jenna is always looking at ways to improve the services that she offers. Jenna has a heart of gold and we are so grateful to have her as part of our team.

Hospice Hero Community Partner Award

Tim Hortons

Supporting local nonprofits creates rich communities. As a long-time ARCH supporter, Tim Hortons has invested in Algoma District's success by helping Hospice provide comfort and care to local families. Tim Hortons, their owners, and employees go above and beyond with their love. They inspire us with their everyday acts of silent generosity. They are a selfless and kind community partner who always jump at the opportunity to support Hospice. They are strong advocates for ARCH, the care we provide, and the mission we stand by. Tim Hortons works to garner local support and ensure ARCH can serve the community long into the future. They have chosen ARCH for the last 7 years as the recipient of their Smile Cookie campaign which has raised over $200,000. Not only do they support Hospice through this event, but multiple stores throughout Algoma donate coffee, tea, hot chocolate, timbits, and doughnuts, ensuring all ARCH fundraising needs are met each year. We are proud to recognize them for their exceptional community leadership and support. We are grateful to have supporters like Tim Hortons, their owners, and team members who are passionate about helping Hospice.

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