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ARCH Hospice is only partially government funded, requiring more than $850,000 annually in fundraising and community support to finance our operations. These funds go directly towards resident and family care, food and supplies for the residents, building maintenance and bills. Your support, participation and donations to these fundraisers allow us to offer quality end-of-life care to our local community.


There are many different events and celebrations that you can host or organize to Help Hospice. They can be as simple as having a few friends and family over for snacks or a large fundraising event that involves the whole community.

Community fundraisers are an excellent way that the community can organize their own initiatives to support Hospice. We have many ongoing fundraisers that continue to raise funds each year, but many others choose to organize events such as barbeques, garage sales, bake sales, or pub nights. If you would like to organize your own fundraiser to support ARCH, we ask that you contact us so we can best provide you with information, resources and support.


If you are planning a large-scale event such as a concert, gala, dinner or dance, please review our Third-Party Events Agreement and give us a call with any questions.

Organize Your Own Fundraiser,
Your Way!

Choose your own physical, mental or personal challenge and ask the community to support your efforts by participating or donating to ARCH Hospice!

If you have a challenge in mind and would like our help please give us a call.

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