What Matters Most

Whether you are young or old, we believe that it is important to take the time to ask yourself: "What matters most?"

This question is simple enough, although coming up with an answer can be quite challenging. At ARCH, we believe that asking yourself "What matters most?" can have a profound impact on how you choose to live the rest of your life.

These three simple words, when joined together, prompt an internal search to discover what it is that makes life worth living. 

Before I Die...

It's inevitable: everyone will die. Until that day comes, make the most of every day you have. What do you want to do before you die?

Before I die, I want to  laugh until  I cry, as many times as humanly possible.

Before I die, I want to  make sure that everyone I love knows just how much I  really do love and appreciate them.

Before I die, I want to  go back to Germany and see where I was born.

Before I die, I want to  find peace with myself.

Before I die, I want to  watch my best friends get married.

Before I die, I want to  recapture that sense of total absorption in something that children have when they play.

Before I die, I want to  affirm life and teach that death is a natural process.

Before I die, I want to  have so many wrinkles  that I cannot count all of them.

Before I die, I want to  thank my parents for such a wonderful childhood. 

Before I die, I want to live.

Every action in your life has an impact We want to challenge people to take positive action and pay it forward - smile at a stranger to brighten their day or surprise your neighbour with freshly baked cookies. It's never too late to pay it forward and it starts with you! 

Pay It Forward

Think about what you want to accomplish before you die. Challenge yourself to ask yourself those three simple words:

"What Matters Most?"

It may change your life.