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Resources for Grief

Grief is a normal human reaction to loss. Suffering the loss of a loved one can feel unbearable and life may seem hopeless and set one adrift. Take heart, there is help out there. As part of our continuing care for our families we offer a variety of support groups and healing programs.

Find out more about our grief and bereavement programs.

A practical guide for family members and caregivers.

A guide filled with ideas that can help you through your own grief journey.

Helpful Online Resources

A Resource Centre for When You've Lost Someone You Love 

Life. Love. Legacy. Love lives on. Because losing someone is hard

Tools to help you understand grief and work through some of the difficult issues you may be facing. 


How do I get through this?

The stages, symptoms, and supports for your grief.

How Grief Can Make you Sick

Losing a loved one is an emotionally painful experience that can have a significant impact on your mind and body.

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Information and support on palliative and end of life care, loss and grief.

Kids Grief

Talking with kids and teens about serious illness, dying and death.


Bereaved Families Online Support Centre

Provides compassionate non-denominational mutual aid support for families and individuals who have lost a significant person to death. 


Sault Area Hospital

Crisis Services are available to you and your loved one. This is a confidential crisis counselling service. If you live in Sault Ste. Marie, please call
(705) 759-3398. If you reside in the outlying areas of the Algoma District, please call 1-800-721-0077.

Good Life. Good Death. Good Grief

What to do if someone you know is bereaved. 

Dealing with Family Conflicts After the Death of a Parent

Helping adult children handle the planning of final arrangements and their own emotions while minimizing conflict amongst each other.

Supporting a Child When Someone Dies

Children can tell when adults are upset, so it’s best to be honest with them about what’s happened as soon as you can. 

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