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Resources for Professionals

Linked resources, forms & tools for care providers

Government information on MAiD

Algoma Palliative Care Map

End-of-life support for families & physicians



Improves quality of life

Reduces unnecessary hospital admissions

Can be given anywhere, by any care provider

Helps relieve all forms of suffering

Would you be surprised if your patient

died in the next year?


Use Map

Support for you & your patient

PPS 100%-70%

12-6 months


Disease progression. 

Repeated hospital or ED visits/admissions

Issues or complications with polypharmacy

Primary care provider intuition or instinct


  • Explain expected course of illness, discuss goals of care, healthcare consent & outcomes

  • Consider palliative referral, outreach      & consult for symptom management 

Collaborative Care Algoma 

Home & Community Care Support Services

Sharing your personal and healthcare wishes – ACP

Advance Care Planning Ontario

Video clip that shows methods & practices

PPS 60%-40%

6-3 months


Symptom burden increase.


Reduced independence & increased symptom burden due to life-limiting illness

General reduction in ambulation & intake


  • Discussion on the location of death & referral to hospice

  • Consider home care services & the possibility of home visits

  • Symptom Relief Kit in the home

Refer to receive hospice services

A resource for caregivers and loved ones

Prescriptions at home

Video clip about choosing palliative care

PPS 30%-0%

3-0 months


Decline & final weeks.  


High probability of death within 90 days 

Concern maybe expressed regarding ability to support patient at home with increased needs


  • Advocate for increased home visits

  • Explain caregiver burnout, as well as anticipatory grief & emotional care

  • Consider volunteer visiting program & third party organization support

  • Advocate for hospice admission

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Information for caregivers & loved ones



What to do following a death



What to do following a death

A practical guide for family members & caregivers

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