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ARCH Hospice - COVID-19 Full Color Trans

Now, more than ever, we need your support. Everyone has been hit hard by this pandemic. However, it has also helped us to refocus on what matters most: spending precious time with those you love. That’s the true meaning of Hospice.

ARCH, throughout this pandemic, has continued to support our community: ensuring our residents were able to share precious moments with their loved ones, make final memories and say goodbyes in the company of family. We know how important continuing to provide our care to the community for free is. Everyone should have quality, compassionate care through end-of-life. However, keeping our families and residents safe during this pandemic has created additional expenses. Additional masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, screening, and support all cost extra. We’ve had to reassign staff to cover tasks that were handled by volunteers that are currently prevented from helping at Hospice.

We are being hit from all sides, as many of our major fundraisers and events have been postponed or cancelled, and the uncertainty of the future means that donations and corporate support are at an all-time low. We are only partially government-funded, and we rely on community support to keep our doors open.

Please consider donating to support the immediate needs of our residents and families. Your contribution helps to guarantee that our Hospice can support our community’s health and well-being. Your donation goes towards round-the-clock resident care, home-cooked meals for residents and their loved ones, as well as grief and bereavement support through loss. Any and every donation helps. If every household in Algoma gave just $2 per month, it would fully fund ARCH for the year.

Every donation helps.

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